About Us

We love making software that others love to use.

SimpleSignup.ca began as Webcanvas.ca, a firm focussing on custom web development. One day we developed a terrific membership and event management solution for one of our clients. Soon after, a second client saw it and wanted the same thing. When it happened a third time, we created SimpleSignup.ca, and the results have been amazing. It's been so much fun, we stopped taking new customers at Webcanvas.ca and focussed our team's creative, technical and business development skills solely on this amazing product. Our product saves people time, and makes organizations better! Book a demo with us - we think you'll be impressed!

Meet The Team

John Withnall Founder and Lead Developer

John Withnall

John is a Queen's computer engineer and a natural sales person. Quite a mix! He is passionate about developing software that people enjoy using, and he loves meeting new customers.

Denisa Prochazka Design and Usability

Denisa Prochazka

Denisa is a superbly talented artist (see ) who has the ability to see software applications from a non-technical viewpoint. Denisa can spot usability issues during development, and has a wonderful design sense.